Richland Fine Art Inc.
NEW EXHIBIT ! "FOLLOWING THE LIGHT ACROSS EUROPE" MULTIPLE ARTISTS --- OPENING--THURSDAY, MARCH 27th INTERNATIONAL EVENT AT RICHLAND FINE ART ______________________________________________________________ FINE TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY OIL PAINTINGS by Everett Raymond Kinstler, Michael Shane Neal, Dawn E Whitelaw, Paula Frizbe, Mark Lague, Howard Carr, Henry Barnes, Dean Shelton, Sabre Esler, Michael Ethridge, Dwayne Warwick, Gayle Levee, Loryn Brazier, Gavin Brooks, Linda K Smith, Lori Putnam, Janina Tukarski Ellis, Cheryl D McClure, Ashlee Comerford, Elizabeth J Schulte, Kristin Clark, William Buffett, C M Cooper, Kim Gorrasi, Addison Hodges, Ronald Lewis, Holly Metzger, David Smith, Jean McGuire, John Reilly, other fine artists
4009 Hillsboro Pike, suite 203 Nashville, Tennessee, 37215 Located in Green Hills- Grace's Plaza - 2nd level- 615-292-2781
Tuesday through Friday, 10AM-5 PM
Saturday, 10AM-3PM
or by Appointment for Fine Oil Paintings